Wishing Can Make It So


The universe will bring your desires to fruition once you practice getting the message out, but you also have to notice when your wishes are granted.  This last part may sound really obvious, but it isn’t.  It’s imperative you pay attention.  We often overlook opportunities.  Once you ask for something be aware of whether it has come to you, even though it may be in a different form from the one you specifically requested.  It is also crucial to do everything you can to help the process.


There’s an old story of a very religious man who goes to church the day after he’s retired and says to God, “It’s me, Mike.  I have followed all your commandments, and now I want to ask you a favor.  I’d like to win the lottery.”  The next month, after not having won, he goes back to church and says, “I’m a little annoyed, God.  I can’t believe that after all I’ve done in your name you ignore my only request.  I gave to charity, volunteered with the fire department, and was a devoted father and husband. What’s up?”  Another month goes by and Mike still hasn’t won the lottery.  By now, he’s very angry and practically yells at God, “I can’t believe it.  I thought you would come through for me after everything I did to live an honorable life.”  God says, “You know, Mike, you have to buy a ticket.”


All desire is energy.  Desire is a thought impulse and thought impulses are a form of energy, the same material nature used to create all life.  An idea is an impulse of thought that impels action by an appeal to the imagination.  By using your imagination to clearly see what you want in your life right this minute, you can energetically attract it.  This is not some new age hocus-pocus, but a conscious concentration of thought and energy to create matter.  The focus is on the now, not the future. That helps you bring all the related positive feelings into the forefront of your mind.  The future is abstract, but the present is real.


Think of advertising, but here, you’re selling this new way of thinking to yourself.  You want to persuade yourself that you can create the life you want.  Years ago, someone interviewed a handful of self-made millionaires and asked them how they became so rich.  Each one said he had always pictured himself making loads of money, and did whatever it took to amass a fortune.  Money may not be what floats your boat.  Maybe it’s meaningful work, more free time, or a better relationship with yourself.  Once you set your intention, stay focused, and cultivate awareness of even modest shifts in your life, you will reap the benefits.  It’s a feedback loop: your visions and intentions create changes in your world.  Those changes catalyze new visions and intentions, and those, in turn, create more change.  


It’s a heady experience to see your personal power at work.  At first, you may not even believe it.  Think back to something you really wanted to learn when you were growing up. Perhaps it was reading, riding a bike, or driving a car.  In each of these examples you already envisioned yourself doing those things before you were adept at them.  Each time you made a little headway, your intention shifted to a time when you would refine your skills even more.  Eventually, reading, bike riding, and driving became second nature. But, if someone had told you when you were struggling to learn your ABCs that, with enough practice, you would almost inhale words, you might not have believed them. Similarly, the you that you are now may not be able to picture the you that you want to be.  But you can imagine a little bit of progress. Take baby steps. Do something to create momentum.   Moving slowly allows you time to assimilate change.  Day by day, you will become more self-actualized, more confident, and more joyful.


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Nicole Urdang

Nicole S. Urdang, M.S., NCC, DHM is a Holistic Psychotherapist in Buffalo, NY. She holds a New York state license in mental health counseling and a doctorate in homeopathic medicine from the British Institute of Homeopathy.