Six second technique to stop bruxism: grinding or clenching your teeth.

This is based on the book: The 6 Second Quieting Reflex by Dr. Charles Stroebel.

It’s a super easy way to re-train your jaw so it automatically relaxes rather than tensing. The hard part is doing it constantly throughout your day until you have successfully changed your unconscious pattern.

It also works marvelously for any TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain with their concurrent headaches, toothaches, tooth sensitivity, facial achiness and some migraines.

According to dentist’s reports, Covid has been an especially stressful and clenching time for many patients, which has resulted in more cracked teeth. (

This is a very simple technique you can use to relax your mind and body. Each time you do it should only take a few seconds. The more you repeat it the more efficiently it works. You are creating a new neural pathway that meets stress with relaxation.

It will also calm your nervous system as much stress is held in the face and jaw.

Imagine a breath coming into your body through the soles of your feet.

As you do this consciously allow your jaw to relax while still keeping your mouth closed.

Simultaneously picture something that brings a gentle smile to your face.

It’s amazing how powerful this simple technique can be. The more you practice it the stronger the link becomes between relaxing your jaw, activating the smile muscles of your face (which sends messages to your brain calming your nervous system), all while taking a rejuvenating deep breath.

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Nicole Urdang

Nicole S. Urdang, M.S., NCC, DHM is a Holistic Psychotherapist in Buffalo, NY. She holds a New York state license in mental health counseling and a doctorate in homeopathic medicine from the British Institute of Homeopathy.