Why Do People Lie To Their Therapist?

By Nicole Urdang | January 2, 2021
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Strange as it may sound, people are not always in touch with things that might seem very obvious to an impartial observer. I’m not talking about denial, a willful refutation of observable facts, but of obliviousness. Everyone has different levels of awareness, internally, externally and psychologically. It’s all too easy to assume someone is consciously […]

Yes! Older adults can benefit from psychotherapy.

By Nicole Urdang | March 10, 2020
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One of the things I find really amazing is the openness of people in their 20s and 30s to do deep work in therapy. For many years most people who came to work with their trauma or family of origin issues were middle-aged or older. It’s heartening to see how incredibly astute, brave and receptive […]

The Holy Grail of Psychotherapy: What It Is And How You Can Achieve It

By Nicole Urdang | July 13, 2017
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After 45 years as a psychotherapist I now believe the holy grail of therapy is helping people feel safe. If that sounds too simplistic, just think about it. Whatever you are dealing with: anxiety, depression, grief, guilt or anger, the best possible outcome is feeling safe in your body, mind, emotions, and environment. If you […]