What if your body was your refuge from post-traumatic stress but it’s not cooperating the way it used to?

By Nicole Urdang | February 25, 2024
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  If someone came to me and said, “I’m despondent because my body has always been my refuge and, as I age, my body is no longer as reliable a refuge. I don’t find the same joy in walking, swimming, weightlifting, or yoga.” I would say, “Lucky you. Thankfully, your body contains your mind and […]

Feeling weak as a kitten doesn’t mean you are weak as a kitten.

By Nicole Urdang | January 23, 2024
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Sometimes, problems seem insurmountable and life feels overwhelming. Those are exactly the times to remember how resilient you are. Thankfully, a feeling is not a fact. It’s just an emotion. When too many things assail you at once, it’s easy to forget how resilient and capable you are. If you doubt that, just make a […]

Using Bach flower remedies for tension myositis syndrome (TMS), neuroplastic pain, and mind-body syndrome.

By Nicole Urdang | December 4, 2023
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  Edward Bach, the doctor who developed 38 homeopathic flower remedies, was a highly sensitive person. While his remedies may work for wide swath of the population, I believe they’re best suited to people who are similarly sensitive. Since highly sensitive people often experience everything more intensely, when they have neuroplastic pain, TMS, or mind-body […]

Five things that fuel feeling overwhelmed. 

By Nicole Urdang | August 25, 2022
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Almost everyone feels overwhelmed sometimes. All it takes is a few extra stresses on top of our normal responsibilities and it’s easy to get tense, reactive, and overwhelmed. Since we can’t control all the variables in our life, the best thing we can do is not fuel the flames when we feel burdened, emotionally raw, […]

Cultivate Curiosity for Clarity, Calm & Perspective.

By Nicole Urdang | January 11, 2021
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  One inescapable truth is things will not always go your way. Your landlord suddenly raises the rent, you lose your job, your body acts out with a strange new symptom, your child’s teacher asks for a meeting, the roof leaks, the car dies, you get the idea. No one singled you out for extra […]

Six second technique to stop bruxism: grinding or clenching your teeth.

By Nicole Urdang | October 8, 2020
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This is based on the book: The 6 Second Quieting Reflex by Dr. Charles Stroebel. It’s a super easy way to re-train your jaw so it automatically relaxes rather than tensing. The hard part is doing it constantly throughout your day until you have successfully changed your unconscious pattern. It also works marvelously for any […]