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Poems To Help You Cope With Life, Loss & Divorce

By Nicole Urdang | June 4, 2009
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The library of congress has a treasure trove of poems for any mood. You can find their offerings here: Here are some of my favorites:   Love After Love The time will come when, with elation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror and each will smile at […]

Practical Matters During A Divorce

By Nicole Urdang | October 25, 2008
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First and foremost: Trust your intuition.  If you have a bad gut feeling pay attention to it, whether it “makes sense” or not. If you have any joint accounts with large sums of money freeze them.  Ditto for any open lines of credit, like a home equity line of credit. If there’s anything you want, […]

Chocolate’s Healing Powers

By Nicole Urdang | October 12, 2008
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Chocolate is one of the greatest substances on earth.  In addition to being sublimely delicious, it bathes your brain in feel-good chemicals.  I know none of us needs more reasons to sink our teeth into something decadent, especially during stressful times, but I can’t resist sharing these findings with you. Phenylethylamine may not be the […]

Bladder Infections: Two Preventative Measures

By Nicole Urdang | October 6, 2008
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I know you’re wondering, “What does a bladder infection have to do with divorce?”  But you’d be surprised. Many women get UTIs (urinary tract infections) when they’re in the throes of separation and divorce.  My theory is they’re “pissed.”  Angry beyond belief, and their body is expressing their fury with a symbolic symptom.  This is […]


By Nicole Urdang | October 3, 2008
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  We all know how important it is to eat high quality, preferably local/organic food, but it is equally helpful to eat frequently.  By eating at regularly spaced intervals (ideally every 3-4 hours) you maintain a fairly even blood sugar level, which helps balance your mood.   If you let yourself skip meals your blood […]

Nature and Exercise

By Nicole Urdang | September 27, 2008
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  I  cannot overstate how beneficial it is to get out of the house every day and spend some time in nature. Ditto for exercise.  It doesn’t need to be a marathon, a simple walk or some yoga will change your brain chemistry and improve your mood.   Here’s one of my favorite meditations to […]