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Masquerading Emotions: What your feelings are really telling you.

By Nicole Urdang | December 20, 2018
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What are your emotions really telling you? Clearly when you feel happy, elated or joyful your emotions are saying: “More please!” It doesn’t take a psychological sleuth to know what to do when you feel good; however, it does take a bit of digging to figure out what’s underneath the darker and more complex emotions. […]

You Are The Hero

By Nicole Urdang | September 6, 2018
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What is heroism? Courage, bravery and perseverance in the face of adversity. What personhas not had all three? This is not another chapter in the pantheon of modern narcissism, but a truism. It’s not easy being human. From the littlest discomfort to the hugest existential despair, health challenge or relationship dissolution, it takes guts to […]

Self-Care Quiz: Are you practicing self-awareness?

By Nicole Urdang | December 24, 2017
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Use the following quiz to determine if you are living a self examined life. Give yourself a point for any one of the following you do most days. Laugh, smile, and interact with others. Give of yourself or your resources in some way that feels meaningful. Meditate. Openly talk with friends, family, a therapist, or […]

How to adapt and thrive through life’s transitions and transformations

By Nicole Urdang | March 7, 2017
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The only constant is change. Heraclitus It’s easy to think of certain life events, like marriage, divorce, or an empty nest, as big transitions. Yet, not all transitions are so obvious. Daily life is a stream of them, whether shifting from sleep to wakefulness, hunger to satiety, calm to annoyed, concentrating to distracted, or healthy […]

Why Do Most Therapists Care So Much About Your Childhood?

By Nicole Urdang | September 16, 2016
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“What’s past is prologue.” William Shakespeare, The Tempest The thing about the past is that it’s not the past. Irish saying People are often deterred from starting therapy because they think they will have to dredge up unpleasant things from their childhood, which can feel daunting. Yet, childhood experiences will surface, as they typically influence […]

Finding solid ground when you lose your way

By Nicole Urdang | September 27, 2015
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I got lost but look what I found. Irving Berlin When you lose your way and forget who you are, your beauty, your kindness, your connection to all that is, come back home. There is a trail of breadcrumbs leading to your true self. A self capable of curiosity, creativity, confidence, courage, unconditional self-acceptance, and […]