15+ Ways To Create A New Life After Divorce

By Nicole Urdang | January 16, 2009
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Whether you are recovering from a grave illness, death of a partner, or divorce, all necessitate remaking your life. You, alone, have the power to creatively and uniquely design the life you want. Here are some questions to consider as you embark on that path: 1. Am I exerting an appropriate amount of choice and […]

Post-Divorce Vulnerability

By Nicole Urdang | November 29, 2008
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  After months or years of being on continuous red alert, things are finally settled. “Now, I can relax,” you might think, and, in some ways, you would be right; but, once you let your guard down it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed with the challenges of your new life, and to suddenly get sick. […]

Emotional vs. Physical Abuse

By Nicole Urdang | November 15, 2008
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We have a two-tired system for the treatment of emotional and physical abuse.  If someone beats you up everyone is sympathetic and rushes to your side.  On the other hand, if someone emotionally abuses you people steer clear. They may even suggest you put it behind you, forget about it, get over it, or forgive […]

Material Loss: Whatever You Own Owns You

By Nicole Urdang | November 7, 2008
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Someone very smart once said, “Whatever you own owns you.” It’s fairly typical when splitting up to lose some of your favorite possessions.  Just another loss to tack on the list? Perhaps. But, it could also be one of those famous “divorce opportunities” where something that appears negative ends up positive.  What’s so great about […]

Memories: Post Divorce Hauntings

By Nicole Urdang | October 25, 2008
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Unless you have a lobotomy, you will have to contend with a boatload of memories.  Some good, some bad, most mundane or neutral.  The last group won’t haunt you, but the happy ones may.  Surprisingly, negative recollections can aid your healing journey by reminding you all was not bliss.  Positive memories allow you to see […]


By Nicole Urdang | October 13, 2008
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  After the slaves were freed many chose to stay on with their “masters” because they didn’t know any other way of being in the world.  Dependent for so long, they were afraid of starving if left to their own devices; but, the majority bravely went forth, conquering their fears and forging new lives.   […]