Happy or depressed? Are those your only options?

By Nicole Urdang | December 31, 2022
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If you live in America, the land of quick fixes, you could easily believe that there are really only two feelings: happy or depressed. Thankfully, nothing could be further from the truth. If you think about it you will quickly realize that there are actually a variety of possible feelings between depressed and happy. The […]

Lessening the grip of repetitive thoughts with Internal Family Systems (IFS) theory and Mindfulness.

By Nicole Urdang | April 25, 2020
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One quick way to burn yourself out is to be on red alert 24/7. A constant litany of negative thoughts, while it can seem protective, is a sure fire path to emotional and physical depletion. If you grew up in a toxic or traumatic environment it’s easy to have unconsciously developed protective parts that seek […]

Do You Have Tension Myositis Syndrome, Neuroplastic Pain or Mind-Body Syndrome?

By Nicole Urdang | May 3, 2019
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The body is the unconscious. Candace Pert I was recently listening to an episode of the podcast “Like Mind, Like Body,” in which Dr.John Stracks was talking about his experiences treating Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), also called Tension Myoneural Syndrome, Neuroplastic Pain, or Mind-Body Syndrome (MBS). All of which refer to how the body expresses […]

Masquerading Emotions: What your feelings are really telling you.

By Nicole Urdang | December 20, 2018
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What are your emotions really telling you? Clearly when you feel happy, elated or joyful your emotions are saying: “More please!” It doesn’t take a psychological sleuth to know what to do when you feel good; however, it does take a bit of digging to figure out what’s underneath the darker and more complex emotions. […]

Use Tapping (EFT) to Relieve Stress, Clear Negative Emotions & Feel Safe

By Nicole Urdang | April 22, 2017
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Have you heard about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping? Nick and Jessica Ortner regularly host the Annual Tapping Summit which explores many different ways this method helps you deal with stress, physical issues, anxiety, grief, guilt, depression, relationships, work challenges, parenting, and trauma. All of these benefit from Tapping’s almost-immediate calming of your nervous system. It’s amazing […]

Is Your Depression Really Grief?

By Nicole Urdang | April 26, 2016
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The following is a list of symptoms associated with major depression: A persistent feeling of sadness Loss of interest Changes in appetite Decreased energy level Thoughts of suicide Anxiety Anger Apathy General discontent Guilt Hopelessness Inability to feel pleasure Mood swings Sadness Early awakening Excess sleepiness Insomnia Restless sleep Excessive hunger Fatigue Loss of appetite […]